Aftercare was developed to create a safe environment for students who would otherwise be home
alone and would not be able to reap the benefits of an enriching, extended program which includes
arts, sports, games, and dance.
The Aftercare program’s role is to prepare students to be successful students who are taught to work
hard and embrace a truly enriching experience .

We hope our efforts prepare the child to be a successful individuals. In Aftercare, you will see a friendly
nurturing environment. We invite you to come and see.

Program Mission

The mission of the Harriet Tubman PTO Aftercare Program is to encourage children to be successful
by providing them with a caring and enriching atmosphere that will promote their academic and social

The organization goes beyond simple childcare and provides meaningful and enriching before- and after-
school programs for children. The programs offered are neighborhood-based and academically
enriched. Harriet Tubman PTO Aftercare, Inc. strives to create an environment that will allow children
to grow socially and academically by nurturing their minds, bodies and spirits through programs that
incorporate independent learning and enrichment activities.

Opportunities are designed to purposefully enhance the social, academic, and self-esteem levels of
participants. The Harriet Tubman PTO Aftercare Program is committed to providing the stimulus for
students to achieve their maximum physical and creative potential by developing respect for
themselves and others, having and displaying self- confidence, and being responsible for their behaviors
and actions.
Enriching children's lives.