The Harriet Tubman PTO Aftercare (Before and After school) is a non-profit program
sponsored by Harriet Tubman PTO. If you have any questions about the program after reading all
the information on this page or elsewhere on this website, contact the Before and After School
office at (973) 242-4441. Please do not contact the Board of Education if you have questions since
they are not responsible for this program.

Our program is supported by parent tuition fees only.  Each child’s parent/guardian/custodian will
be responsible for payment of any fees from enrollment until withdrawal from the program. All tuition
fees must be kept current in order for child care services to be provided. Activities will include
homework time (60 minutes to do homework in a quiet environment), organized games, special
arts and crafts projects, and movies.

Breakfast will not be served in the Before Care School Program. However, you may send your child
with a nutritious snack/meal. We do not  provide utensils, microwave or refrigeration.

The After School Program does provide a daily hot meal and drink for your child on all scheduled
days at NO extra cost.

The After School Program does not operate when school is closed for the day or in the event of an
emergency school closing. In case of a delayed school opening, the Before School Program will be
cancelled, but the After School Program will be held as usual until 6:00 pm. Enrollment is open to
children in grades K-6.

Before & After School Policies:
Late Pick-Up Policy: Six (6) late pick-ups are allowed for the entire school year. A late pick-up
is considered any time after 6:00 p.m. It is up to the parent/guardian to guarantee a pick-up by 6:00
p.m. After the 3rd late pick-up, a letter will be sent home by the Director informing the
parent/guardian that you only three (3) more late pick-ups for the entire school year will be allowed.
If a parent/guardian is late again after the 6th pick-up, parents will be informed that their child(ren)
will no longer be able to attend the program for the rest of the school year. There will also be an
additional charge for late pick-up that is do at the time of pick-up. Staff members are employed
ONLY UNTIL 6:00 p.m. It is only common courtesy to respect the time of closing.

Over 18 Policy: Only a person over the age of 18 will be allowed to sign-out your child. Your child will
not be released to a minor or sibling.

Payment Policy: Payments must be kept up-to-date in order for your child to continue to receive
childcare services. If payments are not kept current, your child will not be able to continue in the

Absentee Policy: If your child is going to be absent from school, please call the Before and After
School site phone number you will receive on the first day of the program. If your child is going
home early or somebody is going to pick him/her up early, you must also call the site phone to
inform the staff. You may leave a message at any time during the day. Our staff will get the
message when they come to work at 3:00.

AM Program: If your child is enrolled in this program, he/she can ONLY attend the Before School
Program. He/she CAN NOT attend the After school program until payment for after school is made.

PM Program: If your child is enrolled in this program, he/she can ONLY attend the After School
Program. He/she CAN NOT attend the Before School Program until payment for Before school is

There is no After Care Program during:
Early Dismissal for Inclement Weather
School Holidays
In-service Days
Professional Development Days
During Inclement Weather and School Closures

Registration Information for the Before and After School 2012 - 2013 School Year:

Registration will be from August 28 - September 28. You will be responsible for paying each week
or month you wish your child to attend our program.

Payments & Tuition Rates: (Rates will be changing for the 2012 - 2013 school year)

Please click on Tuition Rates to see last year's rates.

Enrollment is available on a week-by-week or monthly basis. If enrollment is week-by-week,
remember that registration and payment are always due prior to the week service is needed.
Service is paid in whole weeks only. Service is NOT available on a day-to-day basis.

Our Philosophy
We believe that children learn best through a rich environment that considers their total physical,
cognitive and social development. Our philosophy is based upon three goals which we firmly
believe prepare each child for future learning experiences. The Harriet Tubman PTO Aftercare
Program’s goals are to:

Instill confidence in your young child;
Keep your child's mind open to new ideas and Experiences; and
Ensure that your child enjoys attending school while
Appropriately interacting with his or her peers.