Harriet Tubman AfterCare program has been a saving grace. When first learning that my daughter
would be allowed to attend Harriet Tubman Blue Ribbon Elementary School, I was ecstatic. The
sleepless nights of worrying about what school she would attend for kindergarten was over. However,
the next step was finding someone to care for her after 3pm. As a teacher within Newark Public
Schools, as well as a single parent, it's extremely difficult to arrive to pick my daughter up at the time
school is dismissed. Teachers are not dismissed at the same time that students are and in most
cases stay after hours to assist students in academically and socially.

On the first day of school, I learned that Harriet Tubman offered an after-care program. Once enrolling
my daughter in this program, I learned that it was more than just after-care. My daughter was fed a hot
meal before returning to a classroom setting to begin working on her homework. She was given
extra-assistance in areas she was found to be struggling in by teachers. The wonderful part of this
experience was that my daughter always had a story to tell whenever I picked her up from after-care
and on most days she did not want to leave.

Not only has the after-care program at Harriet Tubman helped my daughter grow academically, but
socially as well. She has developed the skill of positive interaction with her peers, a skill that I believe
will grow and be nourished along with her academic achievement.


Regina Covington